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Your dog can strike a pose!

We promise!

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In-home/on-location sessions. Let your dog shine in familiar surroundings.



Pint-sized events at dog-friendly locations for a petite price.

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Document your puppy's 1st year

with a custom shoot every season!

Sleeping Dog

Endless Memories

For the dog that stole your heart. Precious end-of-life moments.

TIPS for a Seriously successful session

  • Dogs should have a good sit/stay to ensure you get the most out of your session, but don't worry–it's not required! We know puppies are still learning and not all dogs have graduated at the head of the class! We'll still be able to get great shots no matter what their obedience level.

  • Studio Sessions are not recommended for dogs fearful of new environments or people. We highly reccomend an in-home session for these dogs. 

  • We recommend having your dog groomed 2-5 days before the shoot. Make sure your dog's coat is the length and style that you like. 

  • Bring along a favorite toy or two and your pet's favorite blanket, bandana, or bow. Is your dog a full-fledged fashionista? Feel free to bring along all their dapper duds!

  • A tired dog is a STILL dog! Take your dog for a walk or run prior to your session.

  • A hungry dog will work for food. A dog that will work for food will listen to commands!

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