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About Us

At Pooch Pix, we share a passion for your pets. When it comes to your fur babies, we want you to be able to share their true personalities and nature with your friends and family, and let's face it–the world! Like you, we grew sick and tired of having our most priceless images stuck on our camera phones and living in a cloud, hidden away. Sure, Instagram and Facebook are great for quickly sharing small images, but what happens if one day, those platforms don't exist or experience a major data loss? Would you want to look back on a particular memory only to find lost files and error messages? Pictures of your pets deserve to be printed, seen, displayed, and treasured for years to come!


By getting to know your dog prior to each shoot, we strive to capture them the way you see and know them everyday. We know each dog has a unique personality. We're dog people. We get it! So if your dog is awkward and quirky, clever and cute, graceful or clumsy, shy or sassy, goofy or regal, we want to know. It's the little (or big) quirks, all the silly expressions, the serious stares, the toothy smiles, and the slobbery grins that make each dog well-loved and memorable for a lifetime. 


We specialize in studio, on-site, and pop-up event photography sessions for your coddled canines. Serving Bergen County, New Jersey and the surrounding Tri-State area, we offer an array of professional print and digital options, wall-art, and heirloom keepsakes to make displaying, sharing, and remembering or honoring each furry family member a breeze. As a full-service, boutique studio, we strive to get to know your personal style and product needs so we can match you with high-quality decor and keepsakes for your home.

You know your dog deserves to be in the spotlight. Pooch Pix helps them get there!

Happy Dog



I've always had an undeniable love for dogs and photography. Growing up with an Old English Sheepdog, two Golden Retrievers, and a darkroom in the basement, it was easy to fall in love with my canine companions and become mesmerized by the art of the still image. 

When I got my own dog, Bowie, in 2017, little did I know he would become the muse behind Pooch Pix. His Instagram account (@doodnamedbowie) quickly grew, and naturally, stalking dogs on IG became my favorite pastime. As Bowie's fur-pack of friends expanded, so did my interest in taking pictures of them.

When not snapping pics, I love to travel the world and serve as a National Director and Secretary for Little Kids Rock–a nonprofit bringing music education into public schools. Of course, I can always be found pampering Bowie and enjoying a good cup of tea.



Bowie is the inspiration behind Pooch Pix. He's a sensitive drama king, and the ultimate scaredy-cat. Described by some as "innocent and kind of goofy but still dignified," this goldendoodle is cute and he knows it. 

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